Tactical Personal Protection (TTP)

Tactical Personal Protection is the only self-defense system designed to be open-ended. Its main focus is to help you with the three main areas of learning how to defend yourself fast.

  1. Get into fighting shape quickly and efficiently.

  2. Learn to use your body as a weapon when life-threatening situations come out of nowhere.

  3. Weapons like knives, guns, baseball bats are commonly used in street attacks. Learn the steps that help stop the attacker from moving forward with weapons in hand to use against you.

These are life-saving survival skills you can use when the odds are stacked against you.

TPP is a modern day fighting system designed to help the average person respond effectively to dangerous street attacks and threats, helping them increase their ability to survive and escape a dangerous situation which commonly involves multiple attackers, weapons like knives, baseball bats and even guns.

TPP was designed to be simple to learn for the average every person, easy to apply, starting from the early day of a students training, and creates fast results in both physical ability and confidence to execute techniques that can stop a threat from trying to hurt you.

TPP uses two of the world's most effective fighting systems, born and bred to be used in as fighting systems in past wars for military and special operations personnel.Those two systems are known as Krav Maga and Kali.

Krav Maga

The official combat fighting system of the Israeli Military, known for its extremely fast and aggressive tactics to respond and combat against assertive enemies.

Krav Maga is best known for its hand to hand fighting skills against threats using weapons (knives, guns, stick and baseball bats, etc.)

Krav Maga Practitioners are quickly exposed to weapons threats early in training and taught effective simple responses to defuse an attacker using a weapon as mentioned above.


The official fighting system of the Philippine Military. A weapons-based fighting system that trains their practitioners with weapons in hand, starting from day 1 in training, in most cases.

Common weapons used in Kali are knives, swords (or machete’s) and sticks, which can be improvised using batons, baseball bats, and other long blunt objects.

TTP Practitioners are taught how to defend themselves using both empty hand techniques as well as weapons based skill sets and methods.

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Allan Galang is a Krav Maga Instructor from Vancouver BC Canada. Krav Maga is so much more than just a combat and physical fitness system; it’s a way of life. Krav Maga is self-defense training that's intense and complex. It's the physical revolution that you’ve been looking for.

Allan received his certification from three different renowned Krav Maga organizations, one from Israel and the other two from North America. This diverse background enables Allan to bring a unique perspective to Krav Maga, making him a versatile and unique instructor. Allan started as a student and now with over 8 years of experience, he is thrilled to now be successful, strong and motivated in Krav Maga training with an eagerness to train others to also find their own strength.

Allan first began Krav Maga to remove himself from being a victim of violence. Instead of focusing on his weakness, he made the decision to focus on personal empowerment and strength. This training had a positive impact on his mind and body making him eager to help others no matter where the find themselves on their path in life.

Allan’s students are an inspiration as he watches their confidence grow and their physical strength improve in a way they never thought possible. Allan’s favorite moment was when a former student shared that they survived a dangerous confrontation by utilizing the skills they learned in his Krav Maga class.

Allan watched as cowards become lions and even bullies become heroes, as they are motivated to discover the better version of themselves.

When Allan isn’t practicing Krav Maga, you will find him working out at the gym, lifting weights and focusing on self-improvement. His goal is to be better than he was the day before, always striving for the top.

Allan also loves to dance and was a hip-hop dancer in his early 20’s. Dancing is a great way to let go, letting your arms, legs and body be moved by the beat, freely absorbing the music as you enjoy the dance floor.

Allan’s passion for Krav Maga continues to grow each and every day. He looks forward to meeting new students as he watches them transform themselves from what they thought was ordinary to something that is absolutely extraordinary.

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